Key Diaries: Fighting PPD

Hello there, I’m back with my traditional hump day post! I’m sorry if I can’t post at least two times a week cause we’re too busy preparing for our Trip this weekend, I also run some errands and I think I’m having a what they call “writers block” kinda hard to think of what content to create but now I did it! Thank you to all the people who supports me all tge way. I can’t believe I’ve had a thousand views this month! whew! πŸŽ‰

Y’all the best!!! πŸ’–

My post today is something serious. It’s about PPD (post partum depression) I already told you guys that I’ve experience it before if you read my post about motherhood. If not, you can click it here.

Let us first describe the PPD in scientific way,
Postpartum depression
(PPD) is a complex mix of physical, emotional, and behavioral changes that happen in a woman after giving birth. According to the DSM-5, a manual used to diagnose mental disorders, PPD is a form of major depression that has its onset within four weeks after delivery. The diagnosis of postpartum depressions is based not only on the length of time between delivery and onset, but also on the severity of the depression. For more scientific information, click here.

PPD is one of the hardest thing that I’ve experience as a mother. It really test my patience. I change moods easily, I get iritated most of the time. I’m always mad. I can’t sleep properly. My husband and I always argue about small things that come to the point that we had to get separated because he can’t handle me. I’m at the worse part of my Life. I can’t figure everything that’s happening to me and I don’t want my daughter to see it.

That’s the time that I seek for a professional help. I called a friend of mine and she’d refer me to a psychiatrist. I told her everything, What I did and I’ve experienced. She told me that I have a postpartum blues. that’s the mild version or the First level on before the depression. And I’m like what?! That’s not the worst, yet? Well I’m still thankful because it’s not the worst.

I always go out with my friends when they know that I’m sick. They’re always ask if I’m okay they’re very supportive. I didn’t know that friends are telling my husband how am I doing. My husband searched for that depression and how to cure it. He come back to me and told me that he shouldn’t had leave me. I understand my husband. I’m really at my worst that time. I don’t want any people around me, even my daughter. But I realized that if there’s one person that will help me. Well that’s ME! Family is just a support system. I’m the one who’s responsible for myself. After that conversation, my husband never leave me again. He always check if I’m okay. We always go out with our daughter. That’s the time I realized how bless I am. I’ve got the best support system in the world!

My daughter is best thing I’ve ever had. I don’t know what will I do without her. I always cried before because of small things but when I look at her. She removes my sorrow and pain. That depression brings out the worse in me, but my family and friends cure it. They’re the best remedy I’ve had. Until now my husband is there for me. He never leave as he promised. He supports me in my decisions and I’m grateful that I have him in my life

We still go out on a date. He spoils me a lot. He told me that that’s the reward of being a brave mama to kreona.He never fails to make me feel special. I don’t know what to do without him. He’s a blessing!

Now that I’ve had conquer that sickness. I pray for all the mama who are now experiencing it, I know you can fight it! We are all strong mamas and nothing can break us. Prayer is one of the best weapon too. God will guide us.

Hope you learn something today, Folks. Enjoy the rest of the day.

key xx

47 thoughts on “Key Diaries: Fighting PPD

  1. Rachel Phoenix

    Great post! I was like this with my first child and so close to depression! It’s an issue that we need to make sure we’re still talking about as a lot of mums are agarose to not only get help but speak out! Well done xx

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      1. I see. I know what you’ve been through and I’m so happy that you have been better ever since πŸ™‚ everyone goes through that & and not just post partum depression but all sort of mental health issues, that’s why it’s so important to be sensitive and talk about it xx

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  2. Love this post. It is personal and can be very helpful to everyone who is going through the same thing. I am really surprised and also glad, that so many of you started speaking out about not so perfect parts of being a parent and how to deal with it. Wonderful and I am so happy for you that you had a support from your family and friends and didn’t have to go through this alone.

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  3. Thank you so much for sharing this Key, you’re such a brave woman. Its so important to talk about these things because so many women around the world experience PPD, and its good for them to know they are not alone and they can get through it. You’re amazing Key and very strong xxx

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  4. kattieh

    You’re such a brave woman and I think that it’s wonderful that you are sharing this. It sounds like it was a very tough time for you! But it’s really good that you have supportive friends and family there to help!

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  5. Simply Chloe

    Lovely post! You sound like an amazing mother and I love how supportive your husband is. I hear about PPD all the time but I can’t imagine how hard it must be. Thank you for sharing 😊 X

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  6. blushpinkrose

    Thank you for this post lovely. I really feel that things like this should be often talked about because it truly helps the next person. I love knowing you have the support of your family too and that is so refreshing to read. Great post! xx

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  7. Key I am so happy that you shared this. I feel like a subject like this is so important to talk about just to keep in everyone’s minds, because you may never know who’s going through it and it is so important. I am so happy that you have an amazing partner that spoils you, and it is so cute that he does so much to make you feel special. I know that you are one amazing mumma and Kreona is going to grow up to be amazing and beautiful just like you.

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  8. I love how open this post is. It’s so sad that after all the hard work we go through during pregnancy and birth we don’t catch a break! I’m 6 weeks post partum now and I do get irritated quite a lot and argue with my husband so it’s nice (well not nice but you know what I mean) other people with a similar experience. It’s nice knowing I’m not alone and reassuring knowing you are able to get through it, thank you! πŸ™‚

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  9. There’s a kind of strength in being able to share to the world that you aren’t strong all the time. That you fall down and can break too. It’s always so inspiring to read posts like yours. But also a bit sad because I wouldn’t wish anyone to go through that. But you did and you got through it, Karen and that’s so inspiring πŸ’• It’s great that you’ve been blessed to have such wonderful people in your life too! I know Kreona will get her strength from you and grow up just as amazing and beautiful as you are.

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  10. Telling such a personal story in such a public format is a vulnerable thing to do, but has the potential to help many new mothers or their loved ones to understand what they are going through and to seek help. Excellent post.

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  11. This is such a brave post to write! I have not suffered with PPD but I do deal with anxiety and have dealt with depression so I know what it feels like to not feel yourself or to be in the right headspace. I am so happy that you have a strong support network around you and your beautiful little girl. You are brave, You are strong, You can do it! Don’t ever tell yourself otherwise!! Lots of love!! x

    Linda ||


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